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Dedicated to serving the needs of the visually impaired community

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Hope With A Vizion’s

Mission Statement

To support and bring visually impaired individuals together with designated programs and services needed to empower their pursuit of quality of life and independence in society; while creating awareness and driving home the point to inspire research that focuses on eyesight.

Hope With A Vizion’s Founder

Lucien George, Jr.

Hope With A Vizion

Hope With a Vizion was founded by a well-known recording artist who started the organization due to his degenerative eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. He was diagnosed in 2012 but kept silent about it until recently when he realized that others face similar struggles with losing peripheral vision and independence in performing tasks. The lack of resources and RP-related research all in one place made it difficult for individuals to adjust, prepare, or accept the inevitable blindness. This was just the beginning of his journey.

Core Concepts

CORE CNCEPCore Concepts

Valuing diverse perspectives, methods, and treatments for vision care and treatment

Inform and educate volunteers, donors, and the visually impaired on programs, services, updates, and support

Zap the assumption that sight impairment is not a superpower

Innovative and technological communication with our constituents

Offer a thorough set of resources that will provide guidance and support

Network with communities and healthcare professionals in order to stay at the forefront of updated treatments